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One phone call to Optimal Wellness changed my life. I had been suffering with chronic constipation my whole life and knew that all my health and beauty efforts would be thwarted if I didn't have a clean colon. I was also aware that most diseases originate from a toxic colon. None of the daily supplements I was taking were going to be beneficial if they were not being absorbed properly. No amount of beauty cream or makeup could compare to the radiance of well-nourished, detoxified skin. I decided to make one of the best decisions of my life. I bought a 5 hydrocolonic package to get rid of years of accumulated waste and, after looking into the benefits, added a lymph detoxification treatment and an ionic footbath. Not only were the procedures done in a professional setting and painless but I came away with a greater awareness of how my wise body utilizes, breaks down nutrients and expels waste. In the course of getting the treatments, I learned highly valuable information on nutrition, food combinations to avoid, etc., that I implement every day. I have never felt or looked better. I plan on making this part of my maintenance routine.

- Grace

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I am experiencing a major difference in my health since doing my series of 6 colonic treatments. My digestion is better, there is a decrease in the amount of gas pain, and the suggestion to add extra fiber to my diet has really helped. Thank you for coaching me through these sessions, especially your guidance on diet and nutrition;

it has been a tremendous help, and I hope all your clients are as pleased as I am!


- Martha R. - 37 y/o


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did with me. I went from having bowel movements maybe twice a week to once every day, thanks to you. I tell you those colonics do work! I also lost 1 inch from my belly with the 6 sessions. Thanks so much for all your help and support.

- Fior J. - 35 y/o


I wanted to say how pleased I am with the results of the colon hydrotherapy treatments I had with you. I am feeling a noticeable improvement. I feel a great energy level and am not experiencing the stomach problems that I had in the past. Besides feeling much better, I have enjoyed working with you all at Optimal Wellness. I have learned a great deal about my body coming to see you. My instincts told me that I would be happy and my expectations have been surpassed. You have made a true believer out of me!

- Frank M. - 40 y/o


Just wanted to thank you for who you are and the health benefits I have experienced since doing my series of colonics and the Arise and Shine 30-day cleansing program. I am amazed at the direct connection between the end of the cleanse and the improved circulation in my hands. It is very apparent that you live what you speak and take a genuine interest in a person's well-being.  Once again, I would like to affirm you and thank you for your commitment, professionalism and your attention to my situation.

- Marion Z. - 42 y/o


Thank you, thank you! Today, I finished my series of 6 colonics with you. I had had one other colonic before coming to you. There is no comparison. In no way did it prepare me for the very professional, clean, tender, thoughtful and caring approach you give to such a delicate procedure. The benefits have been huge; from now being able to finally have a good bowel movement every day to feeling lighter, stronger, and cleaner. The education you provide along the way makes it all happen and cannot be measured. I look forward to my maintenance program and subsequent treatments. Thank you so much!

- Joan E. - 62 y/o


I’d just like to share a few things that I experienced starting with my first Colonic session with you. Since I was not suffering from any known physical ailments, the changes have been mostly mental and emotional. A longtime malaise I was feeling is now gone. I now seem more able to let go of old resentments and grudges. I feel more grounded and present. A renewed sense of my own creativity has burst forth, which has helped in my songwriting career. Most profoundly, I have been able to recall many forgotten events from my childhood. I had no idea how connected my emotional and psychological self was to my digestive system.

- Michael C. - 34


It has been 11/2 months since I've become a client of Optimal Wellness Center. I had been addicted to laxatives for over 30 years. Since following your program, including supplements, diet and exercise, the pain and distention caused by intense constipation are gone. I have so much renewed energy it makes my husband's head spin. I now look forward with joy and happiness to a life lived to the maximum.

Thank you!

- Marilyn R. - 57 y/o


I have suffered with excruciating sinus headaches for years. After completing the series of colonics, my head has cleared. This is remarkable and I am overjoyed. God bless them!

- Valerie S. - 48 y/o

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