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The Breakthrough Healing Science of the 21st Century

An Accurate, Rapid, Testing and Self-Treatment System That Really Works


What is QRA?


QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) is a unique, highly effective system of testing the bio-energetic status of the body's key organs and glands using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points (also known as Applied Kinesiology). During a QRA session, your practitioner will test key points on the surface of your body to determine their status.



How can QRA help me?


Using QRA, your practitioner can quickly pinpoint problem areas and determine the precise nutrients and the exact amounts needed to rapidly restore the ideal cellular resonance for the area.



What is an IF?


IF stands for "interference field." An IF is an area of the body where there has been previous trauma such as an old scar or a whiplash from a car accident. Even though a trauma may be very old and is no longer painful, it can still act like a powerful short-circuit of the body's natural energy flow to a specific organ or gland, thus creating many problems - often unresolvable even with many types of treatment.



Do you have hidden IFs?


IFs are extremely common and are routinely missed on standard practitioner evaluations. Often, the root cause of many problems is due to hidden IFs. Now QRA can quickly identify if you have IFs and how to eliminate them.



Eliminating IFs.


For the first time in history, QRA delivers an easy, self-administered method to permanently eliminate IFs and the cascade of problems they cause.



Thimble or Wheel Barrow?


Once your active IFs are eliminated, a thimble-full of nutritional supplements can now deliver what a wheel barrow-full previously could not. Once the "short circuits" in your biofield (the IFs) have been erased through QRA, the body can return to its ideal cellular resonance and most ideal health.



Examples of Common Interference Fields




86-Year-Old Woman

C-Section scar (from 55 years ago) blocking 8 different meridians, reflexing downwards to cause stiff, swollen legs.


30-Year-Old Businessman

Vaccination scar (from 20 years ago) blocking outflow of head and neck meridians, creating stiff neck.


42-Year-Old Housewife

Episiotomy scar (from 15 years ago) reflexing to left leg creating sciatica pain.


Traumatized Areas


18-Year-Old Student

Weak neck area from previous car accident (5 years ago) reflexing the liver area to create allergic reactions.


55-Year-Old Sales Director

Weak area from previous fall on hip area (15 years ago) reflexing to abdominal area creating excess abdominal weight.


45-Year-Old Journalist

Weak area due to ankle sprain (10 years ago) reflexing to heart area, creating heart palpitations.


Abnormal Body


58-Year-Old Female Caretaker

Bruise on left leg area after a fall (1 year ago) still there, reflexing to abdominal area creating weight gain.


67-Year-Old Male CEO

Toenail fungus on both feet (over 30 years) reflexing to stomach area to create excess stomach weight.


27-Year-Old Male Mechanic

Decaying 3rd molar reflexing to chest to create a jittery feeling that creates insomnia at night.


Bp. Joseph Petersen, D.MMS (one of Dr. Robert Marshall's practitioners of QRA in the New York Metro area) is now offering an opportunity to try this exciting new way of testing and accessing information from the body. See costs page for details regarding QRA sessions.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

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