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Check out our wide range of wellness services. From Colon Hydrotherapy to Genesis III techniques, we've got it all.

Array of services just for you

All our therapists are Certified by I-Act, the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. All Certifications are on display at Optimal Wellness. Take a look when you stop in for your next visit!





No claims are made of any of our treatments or their results and nothing that our Practitioners do diagnoses or treats any illness or disease or replaces any other treatment. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. Please also consult your family medical doctor before undertaking any health program.

Certified Professionals

Colon Hydrotherapy, 1 session


Included .. ONLY.. wih the package of of 15 sessions ....

....  2 complimentary Ionic Footbaths .. &..  2 complimentary FAR  Infra-red Saunas .......(As recommended by Author Kevin Trudeau)



Pre-Colonic Reflexology (20 minutes)


Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage (1 Session)

Packages (Pre-Paid) B-E Lymphatic Drainage




3-month follow-ups are suggested

to establish a base line for future comparison.

Ionic Footbath


Ear Candling


Packages (Pre-Paid) Ear Candling

$325 ($50 discount)

Iridology and Sclerology


Our New Line of Cleanses        


Packages (Pre-Paid) Colon Hydrotherapy

3 Sessions  REGULARLY $270 NOW ONLY

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

15 Sessions

$255 ($45 discount)  

$425 ($75 discount)  

$800 ($200 discount)  

$1200 ($450 discount)  

Coffee "Enema" Implant

Wheatgrass "Enema" Implant

Reflorastation Implant    Take Home Kit




3 Sessions

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

$425 ($75 discount)

$800 ($200 discount)

Breast Screening

Women's Health Screening

(Head, Neck, Breasts, Chest, Heart, Lungs Included)

Men's Health Screening

(Head, Neck, Chest, Heart & Lungs Included)

Female Full Body

(Head, Neck, Breasts, Chest, Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Lower Back, Arms, Hands, Legs & Feet Included)

Abdomen & Lower Back






Men's Full Body

(Head, Neck, Chest, Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Lower Back, Arms, Hands, Legs & Feet Included)

Infra-Red Sauna

30 Minutes, 1 Treatment

10 Treatments

Packages (Pre-Paid) Infra-Red Sauna

$250 ($100 discount)

$125 ($25 discount)


5 Treatments

35 Minutes, 1 Treatment

Couple's Special

10 Treatments

Packages (Pre-Paid) Ionic Footbath

$350 ($100 discount)

$200 ($25 discount)

$40 each

5 Treatments

1 Treatment

5 Treatments

Initial Treatment (2 hours)



30 minutes

50 minutes

Supplement Testing

Bring in your supplements and find out if they are benefiting you and if your dosage is correct!





Small Intestines Cleanse      

Parasite Cleanse  

Liver Gallbladder Cleanse    

Kidney Cleanse    

Candida Cleanse            

Heavy Metal Cleanse

Lymphatic Cleanse

Dizzy/Vertigo Cleanse  

The best prices in town. The best service around.

Couple's Special :