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All our therapists are Certified by I-Act, the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. All Certifications are on display at Optimal Wellness. Take a look when you stop in for your next visit!





No claims are made of any of our treatments or their results and nothing that our Practitioners do diagnoses or treats any illness or disease or replaces any other treatment. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. Please also consult your family medical doctor before undertaking any health program.

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The above insurance codes are provided for the benefit of our clients to precipitate reimbursement for their personal colonic hygiene. Always consult with your medical physician prior to making significant changes to your health routine and incorporating new health practices. We also encourage our clients to check not only with their insurance companies but with their employers regarding flex-spending account policies for reimbursement of colon hydrotherapy when prescribed by a physician.


Upon obtaining a prescription for colon irrigation “As needed” or “As necessary to correct bowel response” it is our clients responsibility to submit insurance claim forms with out invoice/statement (identifying that the colonic irrigation procedure was performed at our office as directed by the order of your physician) and your original physician prescription attached for reimbursement.


Additionally, it is helpful for your physician if you contact your health insurance company to clarify which CPT code or codes they accept for colonic irrigation. Other CPT codes may be available from your health insurance company for medical procedures such as a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, etc. wherein a colonic prior to the procedure is deemed necessary.

Optimal Wellness of Long Island, does not take medical health insurance or process insurance claim forms. Our client’s M.D., or D.O., can write a prescription or detailed letter that specifies the insurance CPT codes as follows:


   CPT 74283        Therapeutic Enema

   CPT 97139c      Unlisted Therapeutic Procedure (Removal of Impaction)

   CPT 45915        Removal of Fecal Impaction of Foreign Body

   CPT 45999        Unlisted procedure, Rectum or Anus

Physician Prescription & Employer Flex Spending


   Bowel     560.30

   Colon      560.30

   Rectum   560.30

   Fecal       560.39





   Simple               564.00

   Slow Transit     564.01

   Spastic              564.09

   Irritable Bowel  564.10





   Acute               787.91

   Putrefactive    787.91

   Sporadic         787.91